Hey guys, first time poster here. I'm just looking for a little help with a problem I've just come across with my new digital video camera.

After taking a video, I want to move it from the camera (memory card) to my Macbook. I plug it in via USB, and get into the camera through Finder. I find the video, and I can play it directly from the camera on my laptop. However, if I move it to my hard drive, I am not able to view it. It is a simple avi, but Quicktime cannot open it ("The end of the file was reached."). Additionally, VLC has problems playing it. I am told that "The AVI file is broken, seeking will not work correctly. Do you want to try to repair it?" If I click yes, the movie will open and play for about a second and a half instead of the full duration, :20. At that point, I get error messages stating "access file: Seeking too early".

Any idea how I can fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!