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Thread: Photoshop Elements vs Aperature

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    Photoshop Elements vs Aperature
    For those who have used both or either, what are the advantages to each, what are the disadvantages. Which one is better and why. I had elements for PC but when I switched over I now have no decent editing program. I dont' do anything too extensive but I like putting filters on stuff and adding effects. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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    Adobe actually sells another program in direct competition with Aperture, called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It is designed to do the same type of photo editing Aperture is instead of being a toned down version of Photoshop like Photoshop Elements.

    Here's an article that nicely explains the key features and differences between Aperture and Lightroom:

    Between Lightroom and Aperture it's only a matter of personal preference really. However, if you still are comparing Elements to Aperture, Aperture will do a better job editing Photos because it is designed specifically for photographers while Elements focuses on many digital art mediums as well.
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