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    Good Digital Photography Instruction Book/Guidance on a Camera?
    I'm looking to get involved in digital photography and I would appreciate it if anyone could give me a recommendation of an instructional book that explains how to use a DSLR, compose shots, etc.

    I think I'd like to try to get involved with digital photography because I've had this idea that I would enjoy it since I was around 14. Now I've got a job and I can buy a camera on my own without the "What do you need that for" from my parents.

    So any recommendations on a camera (with a little explanation of why its good) would also be GREATLY appreciated.


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    Usually the website of the manufacturer will have some basics to get you started. Canon had some really good info, which led to me choosing to buy a Canon. (check out "enjoy digital DSLR cameras")

    Two books you'll want to check out are "Understanding Exposure" and "Learning to See Creatively" They're both by the same author and very good. The titles are pretty self-explanatory.

    Pretty much all of the heavy-hitters are using either Nikon or Canon. You really can't go wrong with either one, but I prefer Canon. An XT, XTi, or XSi (if you have the $$) would make a good entry-level digital camera. Each of those are progressively newer models of the same camera by Canon, with the XSi being the latest. It's good because it's relatively cheap and lenses bought can be used on higher-end camera bodies if you decide to upgrade later. Check around for deals to save some money. I bought my XTi off ebay brand new 1 1/2 years ago for less than they're being sold for retail today. Just be careful of what kind of warranty it comes with.
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    Well I'm glad you mentioned the Canon entry models. I was checking craigslist and theres a person selling an XTi with kit lens in my area for $500. Its opened and without a box but "BRAND-NEW" (supposedly...). This looks to be a good deal as they're around $650 actually brand new and the money I save I could invest in an IS lens from canon.

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    As far as books, don't forget to check out the local library (if there is one)

    I'll cover camera. I'll be as honest as possible, and I don't want to sound bias because I really am not.

    Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, they are all good cameras. Don't assume that "oh ______ uses Canon, I should get a Canon." or "Ken Rockwell likes Nikon, I should get a Nikon!"

    No... please don't do that. I'm not saying Canon and Nikon are bad. Absolutely not. To be honest, the Canon 5D is my favorite/dream camera.

    Now, assuming you want the most for your money, I really, really recommend researching cameras from all manufacturers.

    Yes it's correct that Canon and Nikon have been around for a long time, but that doesn't mean they are the only "worth it" or good quality cameras.

    Look at Sony's Alpha line. They are great cameras, and you can potentially save money by later purchasing older minolta lenses off ebay which are great. Minolta has made some great cameras and lenses/equipment in their time.

    I just feel that you should be exposed to all the cameras, and the features that each camera has to offer.

    Again, I don't want to sound bias, but some cameras can give you more features for your money.

    I was debating between a Nikon D40x and a Canon Rebel XTI. In the end, I got an Alpha a100.

    I really recommend doing research on cameras.

    If you can go to local stores that sell the cameras, definitely do and hold/look at the cameras. The feel in your hands is important as well as the features available.

    Again, I don't want to sound bias, and I am not bashing any camera brand. I think they are all great.

    All the best,

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