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    May 28, 2008
    OSX10.5 & Parallels XP
    I currently run a windows XP laptop. I am considering moving to a Macbook Pro. I have a few small programs that will not run on Mac but that isn't a concern as I understand they will install on XP Parallels.

    My primary reason for considering the switch to Mac is the almost universal recommendation of Macs for digital photography, colour management and monitor calibration, etc. I mostly shoot RAW and use Nikon Capture NX heavily, with some occasional Photoshop. However, Nikon Support state that they are currently in a testing phase with their software compatibility with Mac OSX 10.5. The release date for a compatible version of Capture NX is not yet determined. I assume they will sort it. That alone doesn't deter me. In the mean time I would obviously have to install Capture NX on XP Parallels and this makes me question the likely performance this memory hog programme. I understand none of this may mean much to anyone here but I thought I'd give it a shot. Does anyone have experience of using parallels to run a windows OS and how clunky is it? For the record I'd be going with 4g ram on the MBP. Thanks.

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    I haven't tried Parallels yet, but I did get my MBP about 3 days ago. I decided to give Bootcamp a shot before I spent any cash on Parallels or VMWare. I'm definitely glad I decided to wait. Bootcamp is seriously all I need, and I'm running NX Capture on my XP partition along with a few other Windows apps that I love.

    For your RAM, purchase it from Newegg. I just got a 4GB kit for $88...

    Have fun with your new MBP!
    -13.3 Macbook Pro Retina / 64GB iP5 / 16GB iPad Mini

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    May 28, 2008
    Bootcamp could be an acceptable work around I s'pose. Out of interest are you shooting NEFs? And if yes, do the thumbnails show up in iphoto or Aperture when you are in OSX? I've heard some people have problems. How big is your XP partition?

    Thanks for you help!

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    I run parallels all day at work for my RIP Program for my large format printer. I also use illustrator on the windows side sometimes too as well as a few well known plugins ie: onone phototools etc.

    I have 7gb of ram in my mac pro and windows runs amazingly with only 1 gb allocated and I have a 40gb spot on one of my harddrives for it.

    After using parallels for a week I cannot fathom re-booting in and out of osx. haha.
    Bootcamp is a joke and would be a pain in the *** for me.

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