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    Graphics software ?
    I have been using MS Digital Imaging suite to design simple posters, and signs for a local business. I need to be able to add an image, do simple edits to that image, add text, move stuff around so I like it, and send to printer.
    MS Digital Imaging Suite was perfect for this task. Is here an alternative in the Mac world?
    Thank you

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    Well, there are different types of Word processor that should be able to do the job. Microsoft Office is available for Macs, iWork or there are open source applications like NeoOffice. By "basic image editing" I take it you mean resize, crop etc. If that is the case I strongly recommend you give NeoOffice a try before you part with any money. If you search for them, there are plenty of threads with information the three office suites mentioned above.

    I hope this helps you.


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    I would sort of second the advice of RobertC. I do a lot of similar stuff myself. I tend to use the combo of GIMP (free) for any needed image editing and PowerPoint for the layout and the text (I cut n paste the edited image into the PowerPoint chart).

    NeoOffice's Impress is an excellent PowerPoint clone, so the combo of GIMP and NeoOffice Impress would do the job nicely. If GIMP is too complex for your needs, there are tons and tons of simple image editors out there for Macs, including iPhoto itself, which is a remarkably good image editor.

    BTW, one single app, ImageWell might also meet all of your needs. It combines a simple image editor with a very facile text capability. You might wish to check it out. It might be the perfect match. ImageWell has just recently become shareware, but if you hunt around the web, I am sure that you can find earlier freeware versions of it.
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    Personally I find Powerpoints display of type to be very poor

    I would second Mac57's advice tho, about Gimp as an image editor, if you want something nice and simple tho - there is Seashore

    For laying out images and text - you could always try the open source scribus, it a very capable layout tool and is completely free

    Off course, if you are prepared to pay for iWork, pages is also very good

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