Mac OS X Version 10.3.9
iphoto 4.0.3

I have been hopping around the forums, trying to see if my questions have possibly already been answered. Some threads come close, and have been immensely helpful, but I'm still a bit boggled. My problems are as follows:

I have some how fiddled with iphoto. I can see thumbnails of my pictures in iphoto (well, mostly. Some vanish as soon as I open iphoto), yet when I click on them, they turn blank or disappear. There are no file extensions, the pictures are no longer named (ie DSCN149 etc) and it says the photos are 0x0 and --bytes. I am able, however, to upload pictures to FaceBook, Photo Bucket, etc. They upload perfectly and are their original size.

I have gone through my computer and erased what I thought were unnecessary files, folders, etc, because I kept getting the "Startup Disc Full" message. I think in cleaning up I erased important files or folders pertaining to iphoto

I have my fingers crossed that since I am able to access photos for uploading in Facebook, MySpace, etc, that these photos still exist in some capacity, somewhere on my computer.

I have tried importing photos back into iphoto and I have backed up much of my library on cds, but I thought I'd write and see if anyone can offer any help before I just go completely bonkers and erase and restart my iphoto library from scratch.

I tried "rebuilding" the library as recommended on, but that did not work. After waiting for about 15 mins, it still could not restore photos to the library.

Does anyone have any answers? Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated.

I'm also curious if just deleting a bunch of stuff was the correct way to free up more space on the startup disc. I am a college student in Michigan, so I'm mainly using my computer for pictures, music, Apple Works, etc, but it seems like such a waste to delete programs and applications. I've had this computer since 2004 and now I am down to the bare bones of programs.

My iphoto library contained (sniff) about 1500 photos, and my itunes currently holds about 1700 songs. I've deleted old papers and often burn photos to cd, then erase. I'm not sure what else to do.....