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    .swf files open in Illustrator?
    I'm going over resumes that were sent on CD's on my fairly new mac. They are digital portfolios and several of them have swf files to click on to start the show. These files have always opened on my pc machines but on my relatively new macpro, no go. They want to open in CS3 Illustrator and then I get a "cannot open file" error message. So much for the "mac just works" slogan. I downloaded a free swf and flv player and I can read them when I open the from that app but it would be nice if they just opened when I clicked on them. Any ideas?

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    control-click or right click on them and select 'open with', select 'other'. Check 'Always Open With'. Find the app you want them to open, click on it and click on 'Open'
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