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    Lesser Camera Producing Nice Photo Tips?
    I have a Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 mega pixel camera. I would like to get some decent photos for my website. They don't need to be good enough for print since they'll just be for the web. Is it possible to work a good shoot with a camera like that?

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    Sure. Mostly it's a function of the person taking the photos.

    Take lots of photos and look at them after you take them. Be critical. How's the composition? Is it blurry? Did your finger get in the way of the lens? Is the lighting good or not? Is the subject matter interesting?

    Learn what your camera can do. Go through the manual and try everything it can do. Adjust things. Play with bright shots, dark shots, long shots, and close-ups. Always be thinking about what you see and if it would be an interesting photo. After you take some of the ones you think should be interesting, you'll find some that are truly interesting and some that are terribly dull and boring. Train yourself to look the way a camera sees.

    Here's a photo taken with my little 5 megapixel Sony Cybershot. Other than reducing its size, it is otherwise unretouched. Now you tell me if it's any good and if it's possible to take decent photos with a simple point-n-shoot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mathogre View Post
    Sure. Mostly it's a function of the person taking the photos.[/url]
    I agree, in college we had an assignment that required the use of 110 cameras. Some very interesting work came out of that assignment. The cyber-shots are capable of rendering a much finer image than those things. When we got ours I recall there being a lot of information on using all the modes in the manual and on the included CD.
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