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    How to view photos on external drive
    What is the best way to just view photos on and external flash drive using OSX 10.4 or 10.5? Right now the default program that opens a jpeg image file when double clicked is Preview and It only opens one picture at a time. I would like to be able to click on arrows to view other pictures in the same folder without having to go back to the folder and double click on a new file. I do not want to import them into iphoto to just view them. Does anyone have suggestions as seems like there should be simple way to do this?

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    Well if you have 10.5 the easiest way would be to use quick look. To do this select an image and press the space bar. You can use the arrows to move through the list of images.

    I think in 10.4 your best option is to view the folder in column view. The images won't be as big as with quick look, but you'll see a thumbnail of the image when you select. (This will also work in 10.5, but I think quick look is better)

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    kmend, I also wish to be able to just click a photo and then go back and forth between the rest like in windows. The way to do that in OS X is by selecting all the photos first and opening them, then you'll see arrows and be able to go back and forth.

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