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    I am an amateur photo freak. I'll go out on the beach 40 minutes before sunrise and just take hundreds of pictures before during and after adjusting everything I can on my camera some just random and a little bit knowing what I'm doing. I've got a Cannon Powershot A95 its just a decent P&S but it does let me control pretty much everything and I have 1 month off from schoole before maymester starts and I want to try and read a book on photography.

    With my windows pc all I do is adjust brightness contrast and exposure before I print to bring a little more life to my photos.
    I want a MBP and I want to get into photography more seriously. Do the MBP come with dome decent editing software or when I get one should I just go ahead and buy aperture ? What can ya'll recommend to help get someone going in the photo hobby?

    Thanks guys!

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    MBP doesn't really come with any editing software. It comes with iPhoto.

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    Would you care to elaborate im a mac noobie

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    iPhoto is great (IMO at least, some people prefer not to use it) when it comes to organising photos and minor editing. Upping the brightness/contrast, warming or cooling photos - the simple stuff.

    Aperture or Lightroom is made for some much heavier editing and generally do a much better job at keeping the image quality at an optimal level while editing.

    I'd say the best thing to do is to buy your MBP, use iPhoto for a while and if it meets your needs, stick with it - if it doesn't, switch to Lightroom or Aperture.
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    Get Photoshop Elements and a good book on it. Same advice for PCs or Macs actually. PE comes for both. It is a great image editor. You will be amazed at what you can do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mac57 View Post
    Get Photoshop Elements and a good book on it. Same advice for PCs or Macs actually. PE comes for both. It is a great image editor. You will be amazed at what you can do.
    I agree with mac57.

    Start with Elements and get some books or even head down to a public library if one is around, and check out books on Photoshop etc'.

    Check online tutorials on Photoshop Elements and photography too!

    Photography is my favorite hobby. The best thing to do is to learn composition and practice. Since you are already comfortable with your camera, I suggest that you start to learn the concept behind Composition and lighting.

    If you want to get into Photography, I recommend that you take pictures and worry about editing them later.

    Focus on one part and then the other.

    By learning the technique behind taking the picture, you might not even need photoshop later.

    All the best,

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