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    Digitizing my photos
    Hey Guys, I am looking at converting all my photos to digital. I have converted all my music and even all my paper files are digital so photos is the last task to tidy my world.

    So I have top of the line fujitsu scanner which i use through windows as no mac drivers.

    I have scanned some photos in via adobe standard and the results are not fantastic. If I increase the resolution then the size increases.

    So in a nutshell can anyone recommend a way forward either through windows or mac software for this task. I can only use the mac way if I can find drivers for my scanner which is a FUJITSU fi-5220c.

    I can use windows via fusion and drop the files in to mac.

    Thanks in advance.

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    come on i had the impression you guys were into snaps.

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    It depends on what you are planning to do with the results when you are done. I scan a lot of pictures, and at fairly high resolutions. I keep the original scan, large as it is, as a sort of "digital negative". Then I process the file through Photoshop to reduce its size and enhance it as needed.

    I tend to save most of my finished scans at 1400x1050, a comfortable size for viewing on my PC and Mac monitors. Those that I want to print present no issues - I can go back to the original scan "negative" and print from there, thus getting all the resolution I need for whatever size print I want.

    That is what I do...
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