Yesterday I spent a lot of time researching point and shoot digital cameras some more. My three main sites used were Digital Camera HQ, Camera Labs, and Digital Camera Info. The last of the three has really in depth views with color accuracy charts and resolution charts and so forth.

So far from what I can tell, the G9 and TZ5 seem to be top of the line, but they're so close that I really can't decide. The G9 certainly does have more manually adjusted settings, as the TZ5 has none. But I learned that the TZ series has a slight bit more color accuracy and less noise, and I heard noise was a big problem with the G9. I also heard that the TZ uses a smoothing program to get rid of the noise, but also loses some detail in its pictures.

Other than that, the TZ5 can record videos in HD 720, although I have no idea how long.

I was just wondering if there were any dedicated camera enthusiasts out there that maybe have had experience with both of these and can give me an opinion on preference. Or if there are any out there that have used both of these and can give me an opinion on perhaps a greater point and shoot camera.

Or should I just go to a Nikon D40x per say, for better image quality. I've been reading and it doesn't appear its image quality is that much more great than point and shoot cameras, or am I wrong.