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Thread: Some Photos From Hawaii & Okanagen British Columbia

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    Some Photos From Hawaii & Okanagen British Columbia
    Here's a few shots of many that I took on these 2 trips last year. I've never really shown anyone other than my wife of course and some family, so let er rip.

    Balcony of Friends Apt, Downtown Waikiki

    Nice Palm Tree



    B.C. Pics

    Mowey Lake (on the way)

    O.K. Lake

    Calcium buildup on from mountain spring


    Getting to the mountains


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    I like the stream one the most. What kind of panoramic camera are you using?

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    Second vote on the stream shot it looks as lush as the country, great hibiscus shot too. I also like the curvy hotel but I'm not sure why...!

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    Bry, I use cs3 to put together 3 to 6 shots. I have a large format digital printer so print size means everything. The largest of the 2 above, is 210" x 32" @150 dpi.

    Hence the need for my mac pro

    I second that thought on the curvy hotel pic. I don't know why but it stood out to me.

    I have these 2 sets of photos in lightroom and they're both around 1000 pics each. I believe I have about 50 from each that I think are decent. I'm no photographer and those are not taken on some thousand dollar camera. I just think I 'could' maybe utilize some better equipment now.

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    D: Try posting something at a browser friendly size so those of us with 17" screens can view the pic in it's entirety! =P

    The panoramas are pretty decent - although next time, try getting something in the foreground to add a little interest, sort of like you did in the Mowey Lake pic, only a little more prominent =)
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    I love them all. Just excellent. Well done.
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