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    Saving in InDesign
    Is there a way to save in indesign CS3 that will allow you to save backwards so someone with indesign CS1 can open the document your working on?

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    I would think you might encounter problems if you used in the document CS3-only features.

    I have InDesign CS2 here : did you try the Export command (⌘ + E) ?

    I haven't tried it myself to see if this works though...

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    You can export the CS3 document to Interchange format (indx)

    This will let CS2 open the document - I have not tested INdesign CS so you will have to test it out - but last I heard interchange format in CS was not functioning properly

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    Yep. It gives problems when opening an indx file created using CS3 in CS1. It opens okay on CS2 though.

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