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Thread: Sync photos between Iphoto and Lightroom?

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    Sync photos between Iphoto and Lightroom?
    I have many photos in Iphoto, in which are grouped into events. Unlike Aperture, Lightroom cannot retrieve the photos from Iphoto. Is there a way that what ever I download into iphoto, a copy of the photo will AUTOMATICALLY be imported into lightroom?

    Also, when I make adjustments on photos in lightroom, the changes do not appear in Iphoto. Where do I look for the changed photos, and how do I change a setting where everything I do in lightroom will be reflected in iphoto?


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    I can answer your question only somewhat.

    Lightroom does have an auto-import function, although I'm not sure if it will serve your purposes. See the screencast at I don't actually have iPhoto installed on my Mac, so I can't test to make sure it works. It looks like Lightroom might move (instead of copy) all of the photos, making them inaccessible in iPhoto. I'd make a backup of some kind before you try this.

    As for seeing photos in iPhoto with the Lightroom changes, that can't be done without exporting from Lightroom. Those photos with the Lightroom changes don't actually exist until export: all Lightroom stores is the original image and the math required to re-apply those changes. Sometimes thumbnail previews are stored as well, but those seem to be inside the Lightroom catalog; you don't want to be mucking around in there.

    You could look into using Aperture instead of Lightroom. The simplest thing, though, is to just use one program and stick with it exclusively.

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