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    InDesign font problem (help big time)
    I have a deadline due for a magazine layout in a few days. I was working on it, copy and pasting articles i have in word.doc, then suddenly in InDesign my text was in a pink highlight which means the font is missing. I have no idea how I lost Georgia - Regular. I tried to reload it and it doesn't work. It might load initially when i refresh the system with the font, but once i start to work on it InDesign it can't recognize it. Yet it's working fine on illustrator. Please help!!!

    on Adobe CS3

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    Go into the Applications folder to Font Book, and check them all out by using the "Validate" commands under File in the menu bar.

    It might reveal that Georgia — and maybe others — have rebelled.

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    i validated it, it came out fine.

    it's weird cause it works in illustrator, photoshop or Words. It's just InDesign it wo'nt it's memory of the font or something. Which i have no idea why it just suddenly crapped out on me. I think it's a font issue rather than the program, I updated InDesign to current version hoping it would help but it didn't.

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    Maybe you could use FontNuke and see if that doesn't help.

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