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    Sugestions about the Site: Do you own a Pre G3Mac? Or a Mac with lower than OS 9?
    1. I strongly think there should be a "Other Mac's" section in this site for Older Macs and Mac's like the G4 Cube that have been discontinued but still very much in use.

    2. The OS 9 section should be converted to OS 9 and under. (OS 9, 8, 7, 6 etc).

    They both would get use, i'm sure, especially the second suggestion since it would be intergrated with the OS 9 section.

    Does anyone share my views???

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    I do, that's for sure. I've felt the same way for awhile. I've always thought that the OS 9 section should be called OS 9 and Under or Operating Systems below OS X. And as for older Macs? Yep, I definitely agree with you again.

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    Do you also have a Mac that would fit into the "Other Macs" section Nightblade??? Or do you just agree with me. If so, does it have an OS under OS 9?

    Anyone that DOES have a Mac that would have been described in the "Other Mac's" section (e.g: like the G4 cube, Performa, Mac Plus), or has a Mac with an OS below OS 9, put your specs in this forum and say if you agree or not with my suggestions.

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    there usta be alot of forums here, and we pruned them back because no one uses them.

    Im pretty sure "Powermac systems" will cover most of the topics you could think of, not to mention General Mac hardware covers that shiz pretty well.. we are mostly switchers.. few people have anything lower than an iMac of some kind. (cept the computer junkies i for one have Apple IIe's)

    as for the OS9 and below eh, we usta have a whole sub category for that as well... but we cut that way back also. Simple name changes... though i doubt they will get much more traffic.

    doesnt really matter to me to be honest. New forums is kinda a bad idea.. the postings are pretty thin in those suggested areas as it is, no sense it making it more sparse

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    Cubes and anything back to the original PowerMac G3 fit into the Mac Hardware: PowerMac Systems form. However, something for macs older than that may be viable. I'm not sure how much use it'd get though, so we'll sit on it for a while and see if anybody else posts in this thread. If not, it's a simple matter to alter the forum descriptions to cater for older macs too.
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