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    Login/Firefox Extension Problem
    I use the Firefox extension Always Remember Password so I can access sites that don't allow browsers to fill in the blanks. Mac-Forums' board is one of these.

    However, before I log in to Mac-Forums, I must disable the extension and restart the browser, then type the info to log in. If I don't, I cannot preview, start a thread or reply to any posts, no matter how much I type; a notice pops up saying:
    1. Please complete both the subject and message fields. Press the back button, correct the problem and try again.
    2. The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 5 characters.
    Simply choosing not to remember the password when I log in doesn't help, even after clearing the site's log-in information in the browser preferences, and even after I quit Firefox and restart it after clearing the password info. I can't post unless the extension is disabled and the browser quit and restarted, so it loads without it.

    If the board was set up to discourage auto log-ins, perhaps a sentence could be added to the notice explaining what might have happened. It took a while to find the problem extension because I had to keep logging out and turn on disabled extensions, try to preview, log out, etc. etc. (Shades of OS 9's extension conflicts.)

    I didn't realize right away that it was the Always Remember extension causing the problem, because I could log in without trouble.

    It's no big deal to turn the extension off first, but some people who have no clue as to what's going on might give up and not return.

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    Thanks for the feedback. You can check the box to remember you when you log in so you don't need to type your username and password.

    The issue you describe is not an issue with this site, it's clearly an issue with that extension. I would recommend contacting the software author.
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    I thought it might have been a larger JavaScript issue. It was the posting problem I thought you should be made aware of. A board can't be expected to fiddle around for every web-browser extension that comes down the pike.

    If it makes any difference to the board's setup, Firefox, Safari and SeaMonkey and iCab for OS 9 and iCab for X won't hang on to my name and password without my keeping all the cookies. But WaMCom's Mozilla 1.3.1 for OS 9 does.

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