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    I have been trying to respond to as many unanswered posts as possible for a couple of hours a day. Even though I'm not an expert I try to offer at least a suggestion or two and maybe a link that might be helpful. My thought is that it is better to at least recognize that the forum attempts to help in some way rather than receiving no response. If this should not be what we the forum is about please let me know.

    I'm also curious if there is a place that shows the statistics of how many members/visitors are on the forum at any specific times and/or the list of who is on. Not that a forum should be judged by numbers, it's just a curiosity to see how much traffic there is at specific times in order to attempt to be present during some high traffic periods.
    Sue Stinnett

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    I try to offer my 2 cents worth of help too. I don't have all the answers but I feel like I have learned so much on this forum I need to "pay it forward."

    For who is on currently go to "quick links" and scroll to the bottom - click on "Who's online" for stats. Not sure where to look for high traffic times.


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    Personally I think both of you should be commended for your activities so far. I must admit I don't often think to look at the list of unanswered questions. Maybe I can make that a habit. In some cases the OP may have moved on already but the answers might help someone else.

    @GrannySueSnaps The number of members online at any given time can be found on the main forum page Mac Forum & Discussions on Apple Products and Services. It's on the right hand side of the page just below the section to start a thread. Look for an area called "What's Going On".

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    You both are doing great! Keep it up!!!

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    I've had iMacs for 7 years now and while I'm not a power user (no gaming, code writing, etc.), I am still grateful to everyone both old and new who posts on these forums. There's always something new to learn :-)

    Johann Gambolputty de Von Ausfern....of Ülm

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