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    Posts, moderator????
    Hi there,

    I posted a question yesterday, my very first one & I got an auto reply that it needs to be approved by a moderator, this morning I finally see that it got posted - however I noticed that it posted in the wrong section. I couldn't find anywhere how to move the original post - so I reposted in the switcher section. Once again, I got that auto reply. How long with this moderation be on my account? Please approve my post.


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums

    You don't move posts to the right place, the mods will do that. Do, however, read the description of the each section before posting topics..

    Also, you might want to PM any of the moderators to see about your post moderation, we get questions about this from time to time..
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    Ok, thanks. Now let's see if I'm smart enough to figure out how to do that.

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    got it. thanks again

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    I only saw one of your posts and it had already been moderated by that time, but what probably happened is posting with Links by a first time or very new member is often Spam and that probably tripped one of the filters putting it into moderation.
    Anyway, we are all volunteers here and live in many time zones, so please be patient, as replies will not always be immediate.
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    Not a problem.

    Thanks for your reply

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