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    I just signed up not 15 minutes ago, so take my idea with a grain of salt. I develop for Classic Macs. Specifically I develop Copland, and I was going to post a request for some help in the developers forum. Lo and behold, when I attempted to post, I discovered that there were only two forums: iOS and Mac OS X. We need a miscellaneous developers forum! Or, at th very, very least, a CLASSIC developers forum! Please? Really, I need some help with this, and the lack of a forum I can post to is greatly frustrating. Thanks.

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    In the 5 years I've been here, I think this is the first request of its type I've ever seen here. And the classic Macs aren't getting any younger (or picking up any more developers for that matter).

    I think you can get away with posting in the OS X Developer forum for now. But I have a feeling that even if you did post in a dedicated Classic Mac development forum, finding a kindred spirit might be difficult

    Good luck though and welcome to Mac-Forums.
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