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Thread: Too much clutter of same topic reports/rumors

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    Too much clutter of same topic reports/rumors
    I've been noticing that "OneMoreThing..." post same topic rumors/news that could otherwise be inserted in an existing thread on the rumors section. As of 2 seconds ago, there are 5 new posts that could have all been posted in the same thread, since it mostly covers the same topic.
    Also, Is it really necessary to post absolutely every little report/rumor?
    I'm just saying this because, as you can see, a lot of these "reports" or "rumors" apparently have been getting 0 feedback based on comments.
    I know people do like reading some things here, and commenting amongst the members, but I don't think every new report/rumor is needed. I guess this is one of the outcomes of having a dedicated reporter on here

    Just a thought.
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    Thanks for your concern and input. The Rumor Robot "One More Thing" is automatically picking the topics and does not necessarily discern between them. We will certainly take a look at it to see if improvements can be made.

    Again, thanks for your interest and bringing it to our attention.

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    Actually, it is a curated feed. I'll talk to iWhat a bit about how it works and see if I can help better prune some of the incoming content.
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