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Thread: User name & Password Text Fields

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    User name & Password Text Fields
    Hello there Mac Forums. I would first and for most like to thank you on hosting this brilliant forum. It has been very handy at times of gloom on my Mac.

    Getting to the point. I find that when I try to log into my account my username goes beyond the text box when entering it. Nothing major but if i mistype my username it can be annoying. If the text fields were to be lengthened slightly it would all fit in nice and sweet.

    Thanks for your continued support

    Everything Mac !!!

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    Or you could just check the remember me box and not have to worry about mistyping ?
    It works for me anyway.
    Hope this helps

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    That little checkbox or 'nother candidate for 1Password. Especially if your password is that long also.

    I refused to buy it for over 2 years and was a Roboform fan on my Win machines. It sure is nice to have, plus now I can carry all my passwords around under lock and key on my iPhone.
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