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Thread: USB 2.0 vs Firewire Webcams. . real difference in performance?

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    Question USB 2.0 vs Firewire Webcams. . real difference in performance?

    I'm debating about purchasing a webcam for my iBook, and ideally, I'm looking for one that's Windows/OS X compatible. Now, there are a lot of Logitech webcams out there that support both operating systems, but they are all USB 2.0.

    As far as FireWire cams, the only one that I've found so far that's PC/OS X compatible is Orange Micro's iBot.
    Now, if you can use the iBook's built in microphone (I've got the dual USB iBook, white, 900 Mhz G3).

    I've also thought about the iChat, but the $150 price tag kind of turns me off, plus it's not PC compatible.

    So, I'd like to know your thoughts on USB 2.0 vs Firewire webcams, and which type I should get.


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    Firstly, I have to guess the G3 iMac has USB1 ports, no?

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    Personally, i think there are more choices out there if your looking for USB2, but with firewire you'll get a power source from your computer, so I imagine the cameras would have autofocusing and lighting maybe.

    I can't see the iSight working on a PC compatible due to it's Firmware even if someone wrote a driver for it. I suppect it's mac only.

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    I also think you may have USB 1.1, which will be VERY slow.

    On your q about USB2 vs FireWire, you may not notice too much difference if you're just using them as webcams. FireWire ones are probably faster and sharper, but I don't know if the user on the other end of the webchat will notice too much of a difference.

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    125 makes a big difference

    My Parents are in Tokyo with a USB cam and I have iSight. They say the image looks like watching TV and is clear at 20 frames per second. I get a fuzzy image from them at 10 frames per second with artifacts and blockyness.

    I can even send them video using my firewire digital encoder connected to my TIVO like box. iChat thinks it is a camera and they get to watch U.S. TV shows and claim the quality is very very good.


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