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    Question WMV3 codec for Mac? Anyway to get it?

    I recently downloaded some anime files off the Net, and I can't get them to play, since they're encoded with the WMV3 codec, or I guess, the Windows Media Player 3 codec. I've tried using QuickTime, MPlayerOSX, and VideoLAN, all of which do not play the files correctly. The only that happens when I play the files is that I hear the music/sound from the movie, and not the movie image itself.

    Anyone know how to rectify this problem, specifically, where I can get this codec? Thanks.


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    I know this is an old thread, but I think answering it may help others. you can use forty two dvd vxplus to convert wmv to avi, and there is no codec to play wmv in qt, though there is a codec to convert to wmv from qt pro. weird, huh?

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