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    hey all i got a simple question just not sure who to ask..i got a RCA lyra mp3 player with an extra 64mb card ( i know whopping storage ehh!) and the issue im having is that im gettin some kinda weird file stored on the flash card.
    Whenever i transfer a file it creates almost a ghost file on the card aswell that only shows up on the mp3 player as im skipping threw but no on my mac..ive set view options so i can see any hidden files but i can seem to find these i was just going to format the card...but its showing the format type right now as being a DOS format now if i format under my disk utils the only option there is macintosh or something else..i cant remember off the top of my head...i dont wanna cause issues to the memory card....can i format it to a macintosh format ?

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    i'd look through the menus in the player, see if you can fomrat it that way

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