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    Whats a good program....
    Whats a good program I can use to back up my DVD's? On my PC I used to use a program called DVD X COPY PLATINUM. It was a painless process that would consist of putting in the original once done putting in the blank DVD-R then it was done. A Mac buddy of mine showed me a way of doing it with three different apps (not sure of names but I think they are:mactheripper, dvdxone) I think thats them not sure of names @ work right now. Anyway then I use the disc utility to burn the .IMG file onto the DVD-R. It works perfect but it very time consuming an consists of many steps. Anyone know of any apps out there that are one step do it all applications? Ripping, compressing, burning are too many steps for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    I tried this software. This app doesn't do commercial DVDs do to encryption. I would have to do all the steps I already do in order to use it. Thanks for trying tho. Anyone else have other titles that you can use to maek backups of DVDs?

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