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Thread: Animated shows

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    Animated shows

    I'm interested in getting started with creating animated shows/shorts.

    Can anyone tell me where I should start, what software I should look into getting and learning etc.

    I'd like to create animated shows to be viewed on the web and also downloadable.

    Thanks for your help

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    flash is probably your best bet if you want something you can easily take to the web, you can use photoshop, illustrator, freehand, fireworks, and other apps to create your graphics and flash to animate things. you can also try toon boom studio.

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    Thanks for your help. I was just looking at Motion 2 from Apple. I'm not really sure if it's a stand alone application or... Would it make sense to look into that or just stick with flash or toon boom?


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    Maybe your looking for Flash MX? It's $500 dollars!

    Or maybe you want something free, lets see the <Google Results> for "free gif animator" (.gif's go in a loop, forever and ever and ever and ever).

    Hope that helped!

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