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    Headphones or Speakers?

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    Feb 20, 2005
    Question Headphones or Speakers?
    Headphones or Speakers?

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    depends on what I am doing. recording, vid editing, etc etc, I always used high quality headphones. Playing games, I used headphones. Listening to music, watching a movie, and everything else I use speakers

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    Headphones or Speakers?
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    Oct 30, 2004
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    this is not a very good poll, its too general, it really depends on the situation or the purpose, each have pros and cons.

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    Headphones or Speakers?
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    Nov 11, 2004
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    Headphones all the way. I disturb less people, if I use headphones. But I still disturb people with headphones even, I have had people hear my headphone through doors even. Even when I use earbuds, I still get dirty looks, because that is how loud I like my music. This is a great poll.

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    I've got to say speakers all the way, its just something about filling a room with your own blasting music. By the way, great poll.

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    i too love hearing my music blasting through out my space.
    is there a way to close/fold up my ibookg4 with out stopping the music?
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    Headphones or Speakers?
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    ifeyd, the iBook was not designed to have it closed and work like the powerbook. A lot of the heat from the iBook escape through the keyboard. So if it were to be closed and continued to work the LCD screen would have a major heat related problem.

    I would leave it open and dim down the display.
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    Speakers when at home, I like to be able to feel my music.

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    Where's the option of voting for both? I use both speakers and headphones. It depends on what mood I'm in.

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    Speakers for loud music, headphones for Doom3 and music you want to hear every aspect of.

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    Ey3 D
    Well almost always speakers, unless I am disturbing people then headphones. Then again, gaming is kinda better wtih headphones since it is just louder and more intense.

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