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Thread: Total F'n Noob Here

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    Maxwell Murder
    Question Total F'n Noob Here

    Basically, I've had my eMac for about 3 months now and I've decided ot test out the DVD burning on the superdrive.

    I've got a home movie, well, two to be precise, that I want to edit together to make one long continuous movie. Each part is about 130Mb and in .AVI format.

    I have the following software which I was recommended for this task by a friend:

    Toast 5.1 Titanium
    DVD Studio Pro
    DVD Extractor 0.10
    DivX Doctor 2

    It's all well and good having these but I haven't got the faintest clue about what to do with them and how they link together to complete my task.

    Could anyone either help me by talking slowly and in retard terms or recommend a tutorial that goes along the same lines?

    Also, if possible, I'd like to create a Title menu using some home digital pics. I understand I have to create some sort of buttons for the menu in Photoshop. I also have Adobe Photoshop 7.

    I'd be really thankful of any help at all.

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    i wouldnt suggest using DVD Studio pro if all this stuff is new to you. Its a complex application that takes a while to learn. I cant tell you much more cause im still learning on it and ive been working with it for about half a year now.

    what i suggest though, is getting Quicktime Pro ($30) so you can convert the .avi files to a format that you can import into iMovie if you want to edit it, or to a .mov if you want to import it into iDVD. its also nice to have to converting audio clips and the extra features are nice for watching videos on it.

    if you still have the video on tape, and a DV camera with firewire outputs, then i would highly suggest importing from the camera to iMovie to get the best quality. Then, itll be eay to edit in iMovie. Just play around with the tools in iMovie. its really easy to figure out, and if you have any questions just ask. Ive become really proficient with video editing in the last few years

    iDVD is a must too if you want to make a DVD after editing the movie with iMovie. they work seemlessly together. iDVD is an easy drag and drop dvd application where you can make your own titles, chapter selections and more. it has themes and is also easy to learn by just playing around in it

    Toast 6 is out now and works great. im not sure if youll really need this since you will be using iDVD to make the movies. it is nice to have if you dont have the space to keep all the iDVD and iMovie data (which can usually be upwards of 10-15GB) and then you can just copy the DVDs through there.

    OSex and DVD extractor wont do much for you when it comes to your home movie project, but i use OSex when i need to rip the video and audio tracks off a dvd i no longer have the footage to

    divx doctor is kinda a waste. its never worked well for me. i personnaly prefer VLC for watching .avi's and other formats not supported by quicktime. it works great

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    Maxwell Murder
    So I put it through QTpro to convert it to a .mov, then import it into iMovie and edit it together. Am I right so far?

    Then put it into iDVD and put the title menu on it from there, then burn it using iDVD? Are there any 'hidden' options I should check out first to make sure it'll play on my DVD player? I'm in England so it's a region-free DVD player if that's any help?

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    you cant import .mov into iMovie. thats why itd be best if you could recapture the footage into iMovie. you can import .mov into iDVD and burn it, but that wont help you edit the video and put them together.

    heres basically all you need to do

    i think youll be fine if its a region free dvd player. iDVD encodes the DVD where they are region free

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