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    Copy-protected CD workaround
    I'd like to prefix this post by telling you that I'm not attempting to break the law, pirate music, etc. This is purely for personal use of music from CD's I've legitimately bought.

    When I insert some (copy-protected) audio CDs into my Mac (Powerbook G4, running panther), they get scanned for about 10 seconds, then ejected.

    Is there a way (either by pushing a button, or some sort of software) to workaround this "feature"? If possible, I'd like to be able to import the CD to my iTunes library, but even being able to listen to the music without the disc being spat out 10 seconds later would be nice at this rate.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. And yes, I've tried google to no avail.

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    I think if you boot into safe mode, with extensions off, it may work, to do this, hold shift during startup.

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