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    Question about Joining .dmg files
    What is the best way to rejoin .dmg segment files to make it into the image or program.


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    Quote Originally Posted by livnlrg8ez
    What is the best way to rejoin .dmg segment files to make it into the image or program.

    I don't quite understand what you mean by "segment files" or "programs"?
    .dmg file is a disk image virtual disk, thats it.

    if you want to put the contents of two or more .dmg files in one do the following:

    if one of the .dmg is read/write, just mount them all and drag and drop contained files on the writable one.

    if they are read only:
    1. mount
    2. put contained files in one folder
    3. open disk utility
    4. images menu>new>new from folder (choose your folder)
    5. open
    6. name it
    7. save

    or you can make new blank image (writable), mount it and copy your files to it

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    what I have is a series of files; file.dmg.1 file.dmg.2 file.dmg.3 etc. I need to join them all together which forms the orignal file when done. This is process that was done; Backed up software using Disk Utility on CDR/DVDR Master setting. Converted to read-only .dmg using hdiutil. Segmented using Stuffit Deluxe 8. Now trying to rejoin files, not sure how.

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