I think Apple has finally won me over.. especially seeing what Logic can do in terms of audio production. I'm going to purchase a new computer soon. I was looking at the PowerBooks, but they seemed very sluggish when trying them with Logic in an Apple store.

The G5 on the other hand appeared alot more responsive. Now my question is, to anyone that is a Logic user, what specs would you recommend? I see that Logic recommends Dual 1.8 G5, but I'm thinking I should get something that will not be outdated too quickly...

Another question, is it worth getting an apple LCD? I really like the 23", especially in Logic as you can see so many channels and plug-ins at once, but are there any other brands that people recommend..

Apple's are very expensive, and I just want to make the right choice.. Any comments or general talk about Logic and appropriate G5 hardware will be greatly appreciated! Cheers! :headphone