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    PAINT or something like it...
    hi! i just got my new ibook g4 14" screen. well i noticed that in appleworks it came with a painting program and a drawing program. well i used to use windows and became very accustomed to the simple paint program on windows. i only use it to simply make pictures larger or smaller and putting them all together to make a collage. nothing fancy... just the basics. now when i attempted to try all this on the programs that came included in this ibook i seriously could not figure any of it out. i was wondering if there were any programs that were similar to paint and where i could find them or how i could manuever around the programs already included. thankies!

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    I asked a similar question awhile back, the best answer I got was Gimp, . It isn't as simple as paint but it is free and I am sure it can do all the stuff you need.

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    cool, i posted a while ago about that then forgot, thanks for reminding me.

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