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    How to get plex working on Apple Tv 3?
    I am seeking help, I have followed all the tutorials on youtube but at the begining they say chnage your I.P. manually to the plex server I.P.

    but where do I find this I.P. ? it is the only part I am stuck on.

    If you click this link its starts off by saying change the I.P. but what to?


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    The plex server IP would be the IP address of the computer you are running the Plex Server application on.

    If that computer is a Mac, you can find that address in System Preferences - Network - Advanced - TCP/IP and look at the IPv4 address shown there.

    You can also look in the router settings to find it. You will want to make sure that address stays the same all the time. This is done in the settings of the router that is providing DHCP services (the IP addresses) on your local network and set that address permanently (a static IP address) for that computer. You need to follow the link they provide on how to set up a static IP address on your router.
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