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drgrafix 11-11-2013 04:27 PM

Best way to set up a Network Drive for streaming to ATV1
I have a gaggle of four (4) USB drives of all different sizes where I store my music, my photography, and a lot of my graphic design work. I also have a 2TB WD MyBookLive network drive that was more or less the place where I streamed music and movies from using my ATV1. And my Time Machine drive is a Lacie 1TB FW800. So I have a cluttered desk LOL.

I tried consolidating, but was warned that there is not enough space on the 2TB drive for everything. So I decided that I'd add a new WD MyCloud 3TB drive and dedicate it to music and movie media, and keep all my graphics work on the 2TB network drive. My goal is to get rid of all the USB drives and only use the network or FW drives. Ordered it today and should have it this week.

Read the reviews on the 3TB WD MyCloud on Amazon and noticed that one reviewer gave the MyCloud very high marks but cautioned against using the software given to you by WD. Unfortunately the reviewer did not elaborate on the alternative method. I'd like to make this as "efficient" as possible so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I'd like to have three (or maybe four) folders on the new drive; My Music, My Photography, My Movies, and maybe My Videos which would be raw file stuff I'm working on in iMovie that maybe goes out to Vimeo or YouTube.

My main system is a iMac 24" and I have a 13" MBP, plus the wife has her iPad3. I also have a PC on the network bc I use a couple of programs like Corel and Visio and I'm too scared to run PC programs on my mac LOL. I would love to know if its possible to access those movies from the iPad (without redundant file format movies) as my two grandkids would love to watch all the animated stuff I have for them fem Barbie to Madagascar.

My AppleTV is a 1st gen modded with the Broadcom card and its running Crystalbuntu/XMBC. I'll need to move files from the 2TB MyBookLive and the USB drives to the new 3TB MyCloud drive, but you can't just _move_ files right? You have to _copy_ them then trash the files from the old drive. Or is there a simpler way to "move" files?

Thanks in advance for the advice/help.

mrplow 11-12-2013 07:44 AM

I'd discard the 'move' option for a minute. With content like this I'd suggest copying to the destination and then checking it to be sure it works ok is preferable to 'moving'. Especially when you're dealing with external drives.

I'd suggest using a sync tool to copy the data from one place to another. This way, if it's interrupted for whatever reason you can just resuming the sync.

I'd also make sure everything is connected by cable to to the transfers, even if you'll be using wifi once all setup.

I wouldn't use the WD software for anything. In my experience it's poor at best and just creates another layer to deal with.

drgrafix 11-12-2013 04:55 PM

Going to take you advice and do this slowly LOL, and make sure everything works before I drag the old stuff to the trash. Can I still access the WD drive with my MBP or the iPad/iPhone and stream the movies to those devices without WD software?

Don't really use wifi in the house except for the iPhones/iPad/MBPro. The PCs and the iMac are all hardwired. I know I'm not fully using the WD drive bc your supposed to be able to access it from anywhere. Never figured out how to do that LOL.

mrplow 11-13-2013 04:40 AM

Which WD software packages do you have

bobtomay 11-13-2013 06:11 AM

I buy primarily WD drives - in fact, a new 3TB FW drive a couple weeks ago.
Personally, wouldn't touch any WD backup or drive management software with a 10' pole.
First thing I do with a new drive is delete their software bundle.
There have been misc issues off and on with their software for as far back as I can remember using their drives - 15 yrs+.
I'm too senile to give you any specifics.
WD software is in the news right now causing data loss in Mavericks.
Here's Computerworld report.
WD is also currently recommending everyone using Mavericks remove the WD drive management software from your computer.

drgrafix 11-13-2013 12:44 PM

OK... so step #1 is to connect the drive, step #2 is to delete all the WD software? So do I reformat the drive under FAT32 or use the Mac format? And will I be able to access this new drive from a iPad, iPhone, MBP using wireless? Specifically, will I be able to stream movies or music from it on the iPad. I'm assuming that streaming movies to my hardwired Apple TV Gen1 will not be a problem.


mrplow 11-14-2013 02:40 AM

Have a look through the manual for the drive and get a feel for it's capabilities. No need to reformat. This is a network drive it will already be formatted as ext2/3/4 or XFS. That's fine.
It's the WD software for your Mac I'd suggest you avoid. Not the built in functions of the device itself.

To stream data from it (to your mobile devices and games consoles etc) you'll need to enable the DLNA server from within the config menus on the drive. These will also determine which folders will be 'advertised' on the network as video/pictures/music etc.

XBMC and your MacBook can just be pointed at any folder and will stream happily that way or they can make use of the auto-discovery DLNA provides.

For info:

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