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    Old TV
    I am thinking about getting Apple TV for my 15 yr old non HD Magnavox to stream from Netflix. I have a Direct TV box connected to my current tv. Will Apple TV work for this setup?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    No, it will not work. Your TV does not have the appropriate connection.

    You'll need something like the lower end Roku.
    The $99 Roku will not work either.
    With most any of these individual boxes that will connect to that TV, you'll be using a composite connection (worst analog connection).

    You need to verify what connections you have available for another device before you buy anything.
    Best bet may be to get a DVD player that still has the analog video connections on it.
    Most of them are going to have Netflix streaming.
    And will probably find one with S-Video (better) &/or component (best analog connection) if your TV has component.

    Or connect computer via VGA if it has a VGA port.
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    Thanks for the quick answer. I now have a clear direction to move in.

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