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    Purple color cast on startup
    Each time i turn on my tv and wake up my Apple TV device there's a purple color cast over the entire TV picture. Im able to eliminate the problem by pulling the power plug on the device and waiting a short period before plugging it back in. It started some time ago only occasionally but now it does it every time I use it. Any ideas on how to prevent this?

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    first thing to try is another HDMI cable

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    I have had this similar issue when turning on my Directv receiver for years. I say similar because the screen will be purple and green. Turning it off and on usually corrects. I recently got an Av Receiver and my Directv and Apple TV are connected by HDMI to this receiver and receiver is connected by HDMI to tv. Initially, with this new setup, every time I turned on the Directv, it was purple and green. After a couple of weeks the picture began coming on normally. HDMI cables were all new.

    Apple TV has never come on with this purple, green color but the issue is sure similar. I asked on many different forums about this issue with directv and got no answers so thought I was the only person experiencing this. Sorry no help to you but like I said this has been happening to me for years now and none of the electronic equipment involved has had any other problems.

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