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    Using AirPlay Mirroring.
    I am having an issue setting up an apple tv for airplay mirroring at my office. They want to use it for presentations with my uncles (CEO) MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion and Insurance Reps iPads. The issue I am having while setting it up is on my personal hotspot or home network the mirroring option works flawlessly. While on the Work network the Apple TV does not show up on the Macbook, any iPhones or iPads. I am assuming that it is a problem with the firewall. Is there anything to try other then disabling the firewall or adding an access point up just for presentations?
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    Time to talk to the network admins.

    I suspect it's not being given a reachable IP on the same network as the other devices because it's not registered on the network. On most corporate networks you need to authenticate to access the network.

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