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Eljeffo64 03-07-2013 10:50 PM

ATV - iPhoto
Still early days in switcher land for me, all going perfectly well..... apart from iphoto!!!! More accurately my photostream. Was aware of this feature and had used it for a while on my ipad/apple TV, but since transferring all my photos from Picasa (which I liked by the way) to iphoto, my pad memory has been invaded by way too many photos (nearly 10gb!!).

I turned off photostream on all the devices, including the mac and the ATV, and deleted the photos on the device photostreams but on turning stream back on, the ATV has filled again! (from the cloud.I assume). Have looked online and tried to reset the cloud photostream with zero success.

Interestingly, the number of photos that itunes (when syncing the pad) says is on the pad differs from the actual amount I can see on the pad, so something is hiding somewhere.

So, for now it's photostream turned off on everything, a royal pita!!

Oh well, can't expect everything to be perfect.:Smirk:

chas_m 03-08-2013 02:19 AM

First, your ATV cannot be "filled" with photos. It has NO storage capacity, so thus you can't fill it. It just streams the photos on demand from your iCloud-stored photos.

Second, photostream shows the most recent 1,000 photos (well, up to). You can manage what photos appear on it using iPhoto, but any NEW photos you take with your iOS devices will automatically appear in it.

I have my photosteam set to be MANUALLY added to from iPhoto, but automatically add new photos taken with iOS devices. This has the practical effect of only having new iOS photos appear in photostream, and of course I can delete bad ones from the photostream on any of the devices.

Eljeffo64 03-08-2013 05:43 AM

Chas, thanks - When I say "filled" I mean the photostream section of the ATV went from zero to 1000 photos again showing me that the stream was still alive and kicking in the cloud, I already realised the ATV has no internal storage;

I really want to erase the cloud photostream file and start fresh, that is what I cannot seem to do. Following the advice I found on net that suggested logging into and doing it via the "advanced" tab on the account name page; when I got to the drop down after clicking my account name there was no "advanced" button but a "notifications" button in its place.

Eljeffo64 03-29-2013 12:59 AM

All good now - it was the photostream on my old PC that was still turned on that was populating the stream via the cloud. Turned off now so all as expected finally. I'd still like to find a way to delete the whole stream easily for "next time" (see the last para of my previous post).

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