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Thread: Using ATV w/ multiple WiFi Networks

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    Question Using ATV w/ multiple WiFi Networks
    Hi community,

    After searching the internet for days without finding a good answer, I figured I'd give this forum a shot.

    We currently live in Germany and I have 2 wireless networks set up in our house. One is our "regular" access point and the other one a DD-WRT Linksys router, configured to connect via VPN so we can watch Hulu/Netflix.

    Now, to watch iTunes content/YouTube videos we usually use the regular router due to higher bandwidth. To watch Hulu or Netflix we need to switch to the VPN router. While the recent Apple TV update enabled BT keyboard support (which makes life a lot easier), I'm still looking for an (even) easier way to switch between both networks.

    I have tried installing profiles via Apple Configurator but there's no way to switch between both profiles.

    In short, is there a way to easily switch between two networks without having to enter the WiFi password each time?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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    Not that I have ever found...

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