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    Playing DVDs thru Apple TV
    Here's my situation: I have a collection of travel DVDs that I made using iMovie, into which I imported all my travel pictures from iPhoto, and to which I have added captions and voice-overs in iMovie. I have then burned them on to DVDs, and deleted them from my iMac. I am planning on buying an Apple TV , and want to be able to play these DVDs on my flat screen TV. I am told that I can play any movie thru Apple TV as long as I have them in iTunes and can play them there. Here are my questions:

    How do I transfer my movies from DVD to iTunes? I do have a program called Handbrake.

    Will the quality be degraded in any way? That is will the video be any less clear going thru Apple tV that directly from the DVD?

    All of this in the interests of throwing out my DVD collection.

    Thanks for your help.


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    I'm sure you should be able to open up the DVD and drag the .m4v file into the Movies folder in your Home folder. iTunes reads this folder for anything that's not been downloaded from the store.

    The quality isn't degraded and your equipment may be doing some upscaling anyway. The newer ATV is 1080p.

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    Burn in handbrake to a mp4 file and then drop into itunes.

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