I have been looking for a solution that would allow me to watch my IP security camera directly on a TV. After wandering around the web it would appear that a good economical solution might have been to purchase an Apple TV, jailbreak it, and finally install XBMC. After that was completed, if what I am reading is correct, I would then only have to supply a URL to the Apple TV device that consisted of the IP address, along with the username, and password associated with that camera to view the video. Unfortunately after reading even further it appears that those techniques will not work with the current version 3 of Apple TV that is now being sold.

Based on this I have one question. Has this newer version 3 of Apple TV been updated so that it now has the native ability view local IP cameras based on user name authentication without having to jailbreak it etc -- or am I stuck looking for an older version 2 or another completely different solution.

The only reason I would purchase an Apple TV would be for this purpose so it would be throwing money away if this were not possible, hence the question.