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    Apple TV buffering on 40 Mbps fibre broadband
    Can anyone suggest why my Apple TV 2nd generation buffers even with 40 Mbps fibre broadband?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhodevans View Post
    Can anyone suggest why my Apple TV 2nd generation buffers even with 40 Mbps fibre broadband?
    It can be quite a few things actually and not just speed. For example the video might have to take quite a route to your ISP first and when it gets to your home, your router might be suspect or the connections between your equipment might be poor. You could have a choked up WAN with lots of devices on the one frequency, an old version of Adobe Flash or some anti-virus software might be mixing you a bottle..hardware, software...sheesh.

    I'd start with your Mac first and give that some maintenance using a free app for example Onyx and just use the 'Automatic' tab and get the latest version of Flash.

    Reboot everything, Mac, ATV, Router (pull the plug) and see if things improve. Can you swap out your Mac for a different one..this will tell you whether it is your machine that is at fault or not?

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    Welcome to the forums....
    You need to do a bit of fault findin yourself here too. Do you get 40Mbps down using something like - The Global Broadband Speed Test, or is this just the promised speeds your ISP promised you will be getting ??
    Does a normal DL of say a 1gb file download to your expectations ??
    In YouTube watching a HD clip do you get any buffering there ?? These are simple little things you can do yourself to try and bottleneck the problem you have.
    Is your ATV up to date ?? Knock out those you can do and with pendlewitch's advice weed out some of them and get back to us...

    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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