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    Question Early Apple TV Won't Access Movies
    I have an early Apple TV running 3.0.2 software (the most current for this device).
    I can't access movies from the iTunes Store, I can access the store to get TV shows, podcasts and music but the movie option is not available.

    I also can't see movies downloaded to my MacBook Pro even when it is parred with the Apple TV. I can share TV shows, music and pictures but not movies.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    How long have you had this problem, or is it a recent one?
    How many times have you tried?

    If the problem is just recent, it may be an issue with the authentication servers.
    Do you get a warning or error notification?

    If the answer to the last 2 questions is no, then it may be prudent to contact support.
    They will most likely be happy to give you a refund, so you can repurchase and try again.


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    Thanks. I solved the problem by restoring the system. After the restore everything worked great. I had installed some 3rd party applications on the device and these may have caused the problem.

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