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Thread: atv box vs atv real tv

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    atv box vs atv real tv
    Two questions. 1) has it pretty much been determined that apple will be coming out with a new set top box vs an actual tv? and 2) Is there an estimated timeframe for whatever they will be releasing?

    I have a tv that needs replacing and I've been holding out to see what apple does. Thanks for any thoughts.

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    All rumors..nothing remotely substantiated..

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    Just my opinion, but Apple would have to be off their collective rockers to introduce their own branded TV. I could write a book about why, but the main reasons revolve around the fact that the Apple TV STB and firmware can be so easily modified to do anything imaginable and can, in turn, be connected to any TV the customer wanted. Not only that, but the TV market is incredibly competitive, relatively low-margin and there's a well established number of vendors that sell them. Apple would have to have an incredibly disruptive technology in an actual TV to be able to even get a toe hold in that market, let alone convince customers to pay a 1/3 premium over a comparative TV that could otherwise have an Apple TV STB connected to it.

    I could be wrong, but I just don't see any logical argument for Apple creating their own-branded TV.
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