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    Aug 02, 2012
    Unhappy Apple Tv 3 Issues! Desperate here!
    Hey Everyone!

    Hope you're having a lovely time!

    I just got myself and Apple Tv 3 this evening, and have come to set it up, only to find i'm having issues.

    Alright, so here's what i'm using.

    Ipad 2, Macbook Pro (Mid 2011) 8Gb 2.2ghz i7 working on Mountain Lion.

    Here's a list of what works, and what doesnt.

    What works:

    1. Remote app from Ipad 2 works just fine, allowing me to play music on my Apple Tv.
    2. any audio played on my ipad 2 and iphone 4 (all upto date) can be streamed onto the apple tv. Such as music from apps like Soundcloud, 8 tracks.
    3. I am able to veiw my Itunes library through my Apple tv and even play music from there.
    4. I am able to watch youtube, vimeo videos through the apple tv directly, no streaming issues, all HD, no lagging or slow buffering times.

    What doesnt work: (And here's where i need your help!)

    1. Airplay mirroring from the Ipad 2 doesnt work. It shows the homescreen of my ipad 2 on my 55" LED, but it freezes there for about a minute and then airplay goes off.
    I can see the blue bar on top on the ipad 2, but as mentioned above. it goes off.

    2. Airplay mirroring from my Macbook pro doesnt work. When switched on, the apple tv goes blank for about a minute, and then mirrors the screen from the MBP but it freezes there for a minute and then airplay switches off.

    3. In my MBP itunes, I am able to choose apple tv as the output for my music, but on the apple tv the music comes in 2 second lags. And only when im flipping through the icons it comes in for about 1/2 a second and the goes mute until i select another icon.

    Heres all that i've tried:

    1. Made sure all my software/firmware is up-to date.
    2. switched off the router (I'm using the latest cisco e2500) router) and restarted it.
    3. switched off all my devices and restarted them.
    4. signed out and back into my apple ID's on all the devices.
    5. Reset & restarted my apple TV.
    6. Changed my router settings to what apple suggests on the support section.

    But nothing seems to be working.

    Anyone with any expert advice!

    Thanks in advance!

    Hiten Nainaney
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    Update 1

    Now without doing anything at all, Mirroring seems to be working, but it takes over a minute for it to refresh and change over to the new screen on both my ipad and the MBP.

    It refreshes around 6-8 times in about 3 minutes. But in the end crashes and goes off.

    God i cant sleep untill i figure out! Its 15 past 3 am here!

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    Aug 02, 2012
    So i'm still trying to figure out whats happening.

    Here's the update:

    Airplay mirroring from the MBP seems to work, but theres a massive delay, lag and stutter in the video.

    While airplay mirroring the audio is PERFECT! But through iTunes, playing onto apple tv still lags as mentioned above.


    Any clues yet ?

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    Aug 02, 2012
    GOT IIT!

    Well, i had to go into my router settings and change the network mode to - Wireless N instead of Mixed or Wireless A. Changed the channel width to 40 mhz. Changed it to channel 48 for th 5ghz network and 36 for the 2.4 ghz network and voila! Its brilliant! No lag at all! Killer!

    Thank you for not helping!

    That way i could figure it out myself and have this huge smile plastered on my face! I shall now goto bed with pride!

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    Glad we could not help. Let us know next time you don't need our help.

    Oh, and good job figuring that one out. It would have been driving me sleepless too.
    "It's got to come from the heart, if you want it to work."
    Guy Clark

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightcraftsman View Post
    Glad we could not help. Let us know next time you don't need our help.

    Oh, and good job figuring that one out. It would have been driving me sleepless too.
    Hahaha, thanks mate. You're most welcome to stand and watch while i break my head


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