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    Jul 26, 2012
    Front light on ATV
    Just wondering. My Apple TV unit is turned off and the little light on the front goes off. Then next morning or a day later the little light is on. I haven't turned it on and it is not playing to my TV set. When I do turn it on and then turn it off the light goes off. Then it is on again by itself a day or two later, if I haven't used it.

    Anyone know whats going on? Thanks.

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    Yes it does happen .
    Sometimes with a reason because I turn on my TV set .
    To watch TV without using Apple TV .
    Sometimes without no reason .
    But in my case it turn it self off within a few minutes .
    So what is the problem

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    Jul 26, 2012
    No problem, just a head scratcher & wanted if anyone really knew why this happens.

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    It was worse with the older ATV's at least now it senses through HDMI if its the input being viewed and switches off in a minute or two ,the older ones had to be manually steered to standby or they would stay on.

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