I have AppleTV 3, confirmed network is good, I can watch the preview of a movie, but when I go to rent it, I get the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store. Try again later." error. I have swapped between Ethernet and WiFi, same problem. Once I was able to get it to rent a movie, the next day I tried a different movie and got the error again.

I can use the AppleTV for anything else, AirPlay, YouTube, etc...but renting, no. Confirmed credit card on account is okay, verified and re-entered the CVV number as well.

Like I said, I was able to rent once (after much effort), that was it. I read online about ampersand symbols (&) or periods (.) in the billing address causing a problem (probably not translating with the database queries) but I don't have them in my account info.

Anyone else experienced this problem?