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    Apple TV new
    I am interested in buying a new Apple TV to show my pictures of the past few years, including movies I took while travelling to Europe.

    I have the pictures on an external hard drive of my MacBook Pro.

    Can I plug the external hard drive dirctly into the Apple T V without having to keep my lapttop on all the time?

    Or, can I plug an external hard drive into the USB outlet of the Apple TV and then load all the pictures via Wi-fi to the Apple TV

    Or, do I have to find an " old generation" Apple TV?

    Thank you for your answers.


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    The easiest way to share your pictures and movies is to load them into either iPhoto or Apreture.
    The content is then automatically available to the Apple TV.

    I am sure this is not the only way to share the content, and it may not be the path you wish to choose,
    but is certainly the easiest way as this was Apple's original design/vision for sharing content with their devices.

    Good luck

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